Bob Reawaruw

Senior PEGA Architect, momenteel werkzaam bij Atos Nederland

Senior PEGA Architect

Certified Decisioning Consultant
Certified Marketing Consultant
Certified Senior System Architect
Certified System Architect
Certified Professional Business Architect
Certified Professional Scrum Master 1


University of Groningen

Graduate of MSc. BA: Strategic Innovation Management
Nominated for Master Thesis Award 2018

Master's Thesis
"Fairness Perceptions: Justifications on OUICs"
Cijfer 9.0

Master's Honours Programme
"Leadership: Making the difference"
Cijfer 8.0

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PEGA Contributions

Using a Decision Table to fill a Pagelist
Pega Issue Report -- Concerns "EditCaseDetailsInCasePreviewPostActivity" (Rs:Theme-Cosmos:01-01-01)
Having parent/child (cover) issues?
Complex Parent-Child class inheritance
Access pyWorkCover from Activity
Automatically delete task
Solving skip new/create harness using Branches
Disable mobile view (Part 2)
Disable mobile view
Restrict filetypes of documents which are to be attached to the case
Where can you check the SLA goal/deadline of a Flow?
Get Next Work based on Work object status
Display 2 decimals after comma in correspondence rule
Do not use the Field Value Inspector privilege in Pega Platform 8.3+ (BUG)
Mobile offline functionality is not working
Translated ruleset does not apply / is not picked up automatically
Translate/Localise OOTB status
Route to manager of workgroup
Lead System Architect 8.3 - Exercise: Implementing the Case Type life-cycles
Preview attachments in a new window - instead of using the OOTB viewer
Edit "defer load" styling
pyQueuePage data propagation
Rounded corners pzModalButton (Pega Cosmos)
Throwing error - Empty Throwing key
Enable editing a Pulse comment
Set Attachment Category when using AttachWork (PDF)
Refresh called from within screen flow does not work
Update Attachment Category
Reassign Screenflow
Embedding a property value from page group in correspondence
Force localization in correspondence rule
Delete Class in locked ruleset
Remove OOTB Attachment Category "File"
Email validation on property
Copy Pagelist from child case to a different parent case
Create operators based on Data Type (bulk) Native iOS App Dashboard Issue - Blank Dashboard Native iOS App Login Issue - Operation failed with HTTP status 403.","code":7 Offline configuration (tracer tool issue) Mobile iOS app stuck in OFFLINE Correctly delete case attachments after import? Report Definition of Rule Status How to: change/add/remove class keys? Adding a column with a "Custom Search Property" to search results (pyWorkSearchResults) Routing "Route to: Operator - User name" is not saved